Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining Craolo?

  • Save on insurance premiums: Premium free coverage from your friends and family (your Clan).
  • Low-risk: You pay only in case a damage occurs within your Clan. And then, your payment is limited to the amount you agreed upon.
  • Social: The money remains within your Clan, it is not going to an insurance company.
  • Individual: You choose who you want to have in your Clan.
  • Easy: All your material items and third party liabilities are covered.
  • Convenient: You don't have to change your insurance company.
  • Independent: Craolo works also if you don't have a conventional insurance.
  • International: Connect with friends internationally, unhampered by boarders or currencies.
  • Free of charge: Craolo is free to use.

What are the risks of joining Craolo?

  • You rely on your Clan to support you financially, in case you suffer from damage. Therefore choose wisely who you want to have in your Clan.
  • In case someone in your Clan suffers from damage, you have to pay support. Therefore choose the amount of mutual support wisely. Worst case, this is the amount you have to pay to your friend within one year.

What is the maximum amount I have to pay to my friend?

The maximum amount is the amount you agreed upon at connecting with a friend on Craolo. You support each other on damages up to this amount within one calendar year. But if no damage occurs, you will not have to support each other.
For details please read the Clan Codex carefully.

What damages and losses are covered within my Clan?

Craolo puts you as a human at the center of coverage. This basically means that all your physical valuables and third party liabilities are covered by your friends up to the mutually agreed maximum amount (within one calendar year). No matter if the valuable is also covered by an insurance policy or not.
Excluded are health and death related cases and the cost of law suits. Also belongings of your company (if you own one) are not covered.
For details please read the Clan Codex carefully.

Do some insurances become obsolete through the Craolo concept?

If your Clan on Craolo is strong enough (number of friends and sum of amounts), it can be that some insurances become obsolete. For example, this can be the case for mobile phone insurance, if your Clan covers more than the actual value of your phone. But for larger cases, such as a car or house, you may still need an additional conventional insurance to cover the amounts beyond the coverage from your Clan.

Do I have to terminate my insurance policy now?

No. You can keep your insurance policies. But you can adjust them and save up to 50% on the premiums. In the section 'Save on premiums' you find a template to do this. Adjust the blank parts, print out, and send to your insurance company. They will then adjust your actual insurance policy and premium accordingly.

How do I calculate the damage amount?

If the damage is covered by an insurance company and exceeds the deductible amount, the insurance company will support you on this.
If the damage is not covered by an insurance company or the damage does not exceed the deductible, it shall be calculated as the replacement value or the repair cost of the damage, whatever is cheaper.
The replacement value of the damaged good is the cost to replace it with a good of same function and quality. So for example if your bicycle has an accident and is a total loss, you choose the value of a bicycle of the same type and condition (e.g. age). You may be required to do some research to find this value. If it can be repaired, the repair costs are an adequate damage amount.

A friend did not pay the friend support; what can I do?

The payment period is 20 days, so you might just wait a few days and the money will be transferred to you. If it takes longer than the 20 days, you might want to contact your friend and remind him or her, (it could be the case that your friend just did not check the messages…).
In case someone refuses to pay the friend support, you can remind them that the Clan Codex, which both of you entered into, is legally binding. This opens the possibility for you to demand a compulsory execution.

I paid my financial support to a friend; can I ask him to pay me this money back?

It is not the intention of the Craolo concept that you demand the friend support back. The concept rather is that you support your friend in a difficult situation and he or she will support you, if you should be in a difficult situation one day. Your friend has the right to refuse to pay you back your friend support.
For details please read the Clan Codex carefully.