The Clan Codex

The Clan Codex is the bilateral agreement that is entered into with each Clan member. It is a standard agreement with only one variable adjustable: the maximum amount of friend-coverage per year.
The connection of two people (individually "the Party", together "the Parties") on the platform underlies the following:

Agreement of Support (Clan Codex)

§1 Purpose

The Parties mutually agree to support each other financially in the event of a damage occurring to either of the Parties.


The Suffering Party is the Party suffering from financial loss;
The Supporting Party is the Party that helps covering the financial loss of the Suffering Party

§2 Scope of Support

  1. All damage or loss of personal items (including rented and leased) and third-party liability cases of the Parties ("Damage") are subject of coverage by this agreement ("Clan Codex"), except:
    1. Damage caused by deliberate action or gross negligence or under influence of prohibited substances in terms of the applicable local law;
    2. The item was prohibited or illegally in the Party's possession in terms of the applicable local law;
    3. Any business related Damage (e.g. of a commercial entity owned by a Party);
    4. Damage caused by animals owned by the Parties;
    5. Legal expense cases
  2. Damage caused by children younger than 10 years are included in their parent's Clan Codex.
  3. Personal health, life and death related cases are excluded from the Clan Codex.

§3 Amount of Support

  1. The Parties mutually agree on the maximum amount of support per calendar year ("Secured Amount") as stated by their connection on the platform
  2. For Damage of the Suffering Party, the Supporting Party bails up to the Secured Amount (cumulative, if several Damages occur).
  3. The Suffering Party contributes at least the same amount as the largest Supporting Party to the Damage ("Self Amount").
  4. The sum of the Secured Amounts from the Clan Codexs together with the Self Amount form the Individual Pot of a Party ("Individual Pot").
  5. If the Damage amounts to less than the Individual Pot, the Damage will be divided pro rata among the contributors of the Individual Pot.
  6. If the Suffering Party concluded a conventional insurance policy covering the Damage, the Individual Pot will be used to pay the respective deductible. If the respective deductible amounts to less than the Individual Pot, the deductible will be divided pro rata among the contributors of the Individual Pot.
  7. Any Damage or deductible thereof, as a single event or cumulative (if several events occur), exceeding the Individual Pot are not covered under the Clan Codex.
  8. Damage not covered by a conventional insurance policy or amounting to less than the respective deductible, shall be accounted on the basis of replacement value or cost of repair, whatever is cheaper.

§4 Payment

  1. The amount payable is calculated by Craolo based on the above mentioned rules and actual exchange rates. It is rounded to the next whole number. The Parties agree to accept this amount.
  2. The currency is as indicated by connection between the Parties on
  3. The payment period is 20 calendar days, starting from the day of claim notification on

§5 Fees

  1. No fees or premiums or any other form of non-Damage related financial compensation shall emerge for either Party from entering into the Clan Codex.

§6 Validity and Termination

  1. The Clan Codex becomes valid at the moment the Parties connect on
  2. A Party can enter into a maximum of 10 (ten) Clan Codexs. By entering into eleven (11) or more Clan Codexs, all Clan Codexs of this Party will become invalid for benefitting from financial support. The obligation to support a Suffering Party will remain in force.
  3. The Clan Codex is terminated with immediate effect at quitting of the connection by either Party on Damages claimed on before the time of cancellation remain subject to fulfilment by the Parties.

§7 Other

  1. The Clan Codex is legally binding.
  2. The Clan Codex shall be governed by the laws of the country in which the Suffering Party resides.
  3. The Parties agree that no other, oral or written, agreement is in place besides the Clan Codex. Each change or termination of the Clan Codex has to be made on
  4. If a clause in the Clan Codex should be or become invalid, the Parties agree that the remaining clauses remain valid and that the affected clause shall be replaced by a clause representing the commercially desired effect in a legally valid manner.