Get your friends
and save on insurances together

Craolo enables friends to insure each other against small damages.
This creates an independent basic-coverage.
And you can save up to 50% on your regular insurance premiums.

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How it works

Your benefits


Unite with your
closest friends and family.
You decide with whom


Secure each other
for small incidents.
You decide on the amount


Everybody saves
on insurance payment.
Without switching insurance

Craolo Calculator*

Check your saving potential

Number of Friends in your Clan::

Secured amount with each Friend:

/ year

Potential savings on your insurance premiums:

/ year
Statistically expected payment from you to your Clan:

/ year
Net savings:

*The Craolo Calculator uses: statistical values from publications of the German Insurance Association (GDV, representing 460 member companies) and assumptions reflecting standard insurance products and scientific fraud estimations for western Europe. Craolo is not liable for the correctness and accuracy of the provided numbers. We do not guarantee that you will meet these numbers by use of the craolo services.

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Craolo is free of charge. and yes, you can quit anytime. and no, we do not sell your data.

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